I am writing in support of LD 1491 “An Act to Establish the Work Tax Credit,” because working Mainers with low incomes need to meet their basic needs, and they deserve to keep the money they earned to do it. The legislation would allow working people to pay for transportation, child care and other basic goods while improving the local economy.

I have worked in Maine as a home personal support specialist since 1984. I still serve the people of this great state in the best way I know how — with honest, kind, hard work. I have also been a homemaker during those same years. It is difficult to make ends meet sometimes. I have an adult son who has a disability, and I have spent a lot of my time and some of my own money trying to advocate for him. It would change both of our lives for the better if I had a bit more of my income that the EITC would give back to me. The extra income would be back in my pocket in monthly installments to help with my monthly costs, instead of in one lump sum at the end of each year.

If my community respects and values the work I do in personal support care, and in caring for my son — the work that so many people, especially women in our state, provide — then passage of LD 1491 would give many people more of the resources we need to do the work.

Barbara Hersom, Lewiston

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