LD 816, An Act to Implement a National Popular Vote for President of the United States, was recently defeated in the Maine House of Representatives.

Hoorah! It did nothing for Maine other than make this state even more insignificant than it was with its small number of electoral votes. It would have allowed the states with the largest populations to choose the nation’s president.

It appears that the Democrat delegation from this area has been swept up by a surge of liberal socialist progressivism, following the party line rather than their common-sense concern for Maine.

The vote was: yes — 68; no — 79; absent — 3; excused — 1.

For Androscoggin County areas, only Democrats voted “yes,” including Lewiston Sen. Nate Libby (a co-sponsor) and Reps. Heidi Brooks, Kristen Cloutier, Margaret Craven and James Handy. In Auburn, Sen. Ned Claxton and Rep. Gina Melaragno voted yes. Also, Rep. Kent Ackley of Wales.

Voting “no” were Republicans Sens. Jeff Timberlake, Androscoggin County; Lisa Keim, Oxford County; and Reps. Amy Arata, Bruce Bickford, Josh Morris, Tom Martin and Braden Sharpe. Also voting “no” was Democrat Rep. Bettyann Sheats.

Currently, the bill has been held at the request of Rep. Matthew Moonen, a Democrat from Portland.

Are the Democrats twisting arms so they can bring it back for another vote?

Their numerical majority did not sustain this proposed radical change in the Constitution of this country.

Three cheers for those who showed some wisdom by voting “no.” Rotten eggs to those voting “yes.”

Thomas Shields Auburn

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