LD 1491, “An Act to Establish the Maine Work Tax Credit,” was passed by the Maine Legislature and signed into law by the governor. People should be aware of the positive effects that it is bringing. At a very basic level, this legislation aims to help the entirety of Maine by providing economic support to hard-working families.

In addition to benefiting families, it also supports students such as myself. I am a full time student who struggles to juggle school work with a job that helps me pay my rent and other living expenses. Once in effect, the legislation will help me, as well as all students, maintain financial security while relieving the pressure to work excessive hours. Furthermore, the law recognizes the value of education and encourages students to stay in school, rather than compromise their education.

Ultimately, the initiative will provide necessary financial support to the hard-working people of Maine which will, in turn, boost the economy as a whole. I wholeheartedly supported the bill and look forward to its numerous positive effects now that it has passed.

Max Rein, Lewiston

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