An Old Fashioned Family with Old Fashioned Values

I always think of the last week in June as Roy Day’s birthday week. This year I visited my friend the day before his 103rd birthday. He was in good spirits and greeted me enthusiastically. He enjoyed looking at photographs of New Mexico.

Roy loves animals and has a friendly dog and, of course, a cat, both of which keep him company when his daughters are otherwise occupied. That he is lovingly cared for by his family is obvious to anyone who visits Roy. As his friend I am grateful.

I enjoyed seeing both Mary and Amy. Mary had just returned from a greenhouse and her car was full of flowers, some of which would be planted outside Roy’s house.

I was struck by how cared for the house looked, and how beautiful the gardens were. Roy’s wife, Mary and Amy’s mother, Lois would have been so pleased. Lois was a devoted caregiver and passed this quality onto both of her daughters.

Amy, who now lives with her father, told me that she would bake a cake for Roy’s Birthday although he had a doctor’s appointment that same day.

Roy likes to have visitors and told me to come back to visit him soon, which, of course, I will.

Happy 103rd Birthday Roy!

With Love from your friend, Sara Wright

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