The Lewiston Democratic Party is excited to announce its endorsement of Safiya Khalid for City Council in Ward 1.

A graduate of Lewiston High School and the University of Southern Maine, Khalid serves on the Lewiston Library Board of Trustees, the Maine Democratic Party executive committee, and as vice chair of the Lewiston Democratic Party. She will bring significant experience and a fresh perspective to her service on the City Council.

Khalid is running to grow Lewiston’s economy, invest in our public schools, and expand access to decent housing. She understands that the city’s future depends on what is done now, and she is ready and willing to get to work.

Incumbent Councilor James Lysen and the Lewiston Democratic Party agree: Safiya Khalid is the right choice for City Council in Ward 1. We hope all Democrats will join us in supporting her candidacy.

Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Lewiston, on behalf of the Lewiston Democratic Party

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