NEWRY — At their July 2 meeting Newry selectmen unanimously approved a mill rate of 10.70, which gives the town an overlay of $35,000.

Town Administrator Amy Bernard had recommended a mill rate of 10.70.

The rate is 10 cents less than in 2018, which saw a 1.11 increase from 9.69 to 10.80. That increase was largely due to changes made to the state’s Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE).

Other business

Bernard said that the town has not received any bids for work on the North Newry Church yet.

Code Enforcement Officer Dave Bonney said many contractors have been busy so far in the spring and summer.

Bernard suggested packaging together all the work the town needs done. On top of repairs to the church, the the town office also needs work.

Tony Andrews of A.V.A. Woodworks advised to not package the work together, saying it would be difficult to find someone who would be willing to take on that much work. Andrews was present at the meeting to review the office rehab drawings.

Andrews said that since the church building needs to be lifted to put a new foundation under it, the town might need to hire two different people to do the work.

“I think that it will have to be two separate contractors,” Andrews said.

Selectman Jim Largess agreed that the two jobs should be separate.

Andrews added that fewer contractors in the area are going to be able to do the foundation work.

Bernard wondered if the town should wait until the fall to put the jobs out to bid.

“You’re going to be more apt to get a response in the fall,” Andrews said.

Selectman Tink Conkright said he thought waiting until the fall might be the best route to go.

“If there is only a couple contractors can do it we should reach out to them and see when they can schedule us in and what they think it would cost,” Bernard said.

Selectmen decided to table the discussion until their second meeting in September.

Selectmen will next meet on Tuesday, July 30.





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