On  June 28, 29, 30th and July 1st at Rangeley Lakeside Theater, the Rangeley Friends of the Arts (RFA) put on Mamma Mia! What a great musical production! Talk around town continues on what a great show it was and others express sadness that they were unable to attend as the shows were sold out.

Over the years, the quality of the shows presented by the RFA continues to amaze. I think that a lot of the credit goes to the dedication of the RFA members, but also the fact that this tight knit community is like a family. Most of the cast members and production crew have worked with each other in one way or another before and it shows in the way they interact with each other. A fun and easy rapport was felt in the dialogue, dance pieces and musical performances.

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Of course, there were many actual family members both on and off stage. How much fun to have your loved ones right there with you!

New this year were the Pit singers that really helped fill out this musical spectacular.

The following are the people both on and off stage that helped to make this another great RFA success. I hope when you see the list you will appreciate the amount of volunteers it takes to put on such a fabulous show. So please, when you recognize a name, thank them! If you’re from away, consider donating to the RFA! It really is a large part of what makes Rangeley great.

CHARACTERS   (in order of speaking)

Sophie Sheridan           Kelsey Meehan

Ali                                          Ariel Clinch

Lisa                                       Amelia McMillan

Donna Sheridan             Kerry Gardner

Tanya                                   Anne Crump

Rosie                                    Erin Perkins Smith

Sky                                        Sam Meehan

Pepper                                 Owen Sinclair

Eddie                                    Daxxtyn Williams

Harry Bright                    Ben Andrews

Bill Austin                         Tim Straub

Sam Carmichael             Mike Sherrod

Father Alexandrious    Carl Symes

Ensemble                          Amanda Christian, Tina Falasco, Adrian Heatley, Jessica House, Hannah McMillan,, Raina Sherrer, Lisa Symes, Autumn-Skye Williams


Director                              Sonja Johnson

Music Director                Erin Smith

Producers                          Millie Hoekstra, Valerie Zapolsky

Choreography                 Lakeside Dance Academy

Set Design`                      Janice Adler/Sonja Johnson

Sound                                  Phat Cat Sound: Steve Kats

Lighting                             Justin Orazi

Spot Lights                      Ana Orazi, Anna Rose Ross

Computer Effects         Allison Steward

Page Turner                     Brooke Egan

Costumes                          Adrian Heatley, Jessica House, Sonja Johnson, Brenda Silloway, Valerie Zapolsky

Make Up                            L.A. Jacot-Descombes, Cast

Stage Crew                       Millie Hoekstra, Averie Flewelling, Company

Accompanist                   Andrea Keirstead

Pit Band                             Connor Ellis, Tim Wallace, Derek Wendelken

Pit Singers                        Pam Ellis, Les Hoekstra, Dan Johnson, Pam Morse, Dale Nagle, Laura Sadler, Jeanie Stone, Linda Wendelken, Judy Wicken

Set Construction           Bob Dea, Les Hoekstra, Millie Hoekstra, Bruce Hermann, Sonja Johnson, Nicole Lund, Don Mantovani, Heidi Sorensen, Jeffrey Zapolsky, Valerie Zapolsky




From left: Amelia McMillan as Lisa, Kelsey Meehan as Sophie Sheridan and Ariel Clinch as Ali as they read some exciting journal passages Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Donna & Company in The Courtyard singing ” Money, Money, Money.” Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Ben Andrews as Harry Bright sings “Thank you for the Music” Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Lots of dancing in Mamma Mia! Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Rosie, Tanya & Donna having fun as longtime friends do. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


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