In his column July 7, Marc Thiessen was right about the national anthem protests by Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe. That they find the national anthem of the country they claim citizenship in (the latter a player for a team representing that nation on the world state) offensive to them sets them far below the scale by which I rank role models.

Kaepernick’s latest protest was about a Nike shoe bearing a colonial U.S. flag. Nike removed the product, which is absurd. And shame on Nike if it doesn’t remove Kaepernick as a product spokesperson.

As for Rapinoe’s refusal to place her hand over her heart, or singing along with teammates the national anthem of the nation that subsidizes the team’s expenses (including her subsistence), were I the coach under whom she displayed such disrespect at public venues, I would impose a version of what 2016 USA hockey team coach John Tortorella voiced about Kaepernick — Rapinoe would be standing behind the bench throughout the game.

Rapinoe may not have much like for President Donald Trump, but at least he stands and salutes with respect for the symbols of this nation.

Kaepernick and Rapinoe — they both offend me.

John Davis, South Paris

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