Applications are now available via Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s website for any-deer permits.

During the regular firearms, and muzzleloader seasons, only those hunters possessing a valid Maine any-deer permit may hunt antlerless deer and bucks with antlers less than three inches in length. During the archery season on deer, bucks may be taken statewide. (Although an any-deer permit is not required during the archery season, antlerless deer may only be taken in WMD’s that have any-deer permits).

Any-deer permits are valid only for a specific wildlife management district. A permit holder may kill an antlerless deer in the wildlife management district for which his or her permit is valid. Hunters not possessing an any-deer permit may hunt “bucks only” (antlers three inches or longer) anywhere in the state.

MDIFW no longer accepts paper applications – you must apply online at If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet at home, IFW suggests the following: using a computer at your local library; using a computer at work during lunch or a break; asking a friend or relative with a computer for help in applying.

There is no application fee to apply for an any-deer permit.

To apply for an any-deer permit, you must possess a valid Maine license to hunt big game. Applicants with a legal residence outside the United States or Canada cannot apply online. Those wishing to apply will need to contact the Department for help in applying.

Maine resident landowners may hunt without a license on their own land if they live on that particular piece of land, the piece of land exceeds 10 acres in size, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes. A landowner whose hunting privilege is under revocation is not eligible to receive an any-deer permit or bonus deer permit. An unlicensed resident landowner may apply for an any-deer permit or bonus deer permit only in the district where his or her qualifying land is located. If an unlicensed landowner is selected to receive a permit, the permit is valid only on the qualifying land, even if a hunting license is later acquired. In order for a permit to be valid anywhere in a district, a hunting license must be acquired prior to application and that license number used on the application.

Those who have a complimentary paraplegic hunting license or are suffering from the loss of, or the permanent loss of use, of both lower extremities or have lost all or part of one or more lower limbs not including a partial foot amputation are entitled to an any-deer permit in the district of their choice in any part of the State open to the taking of antlerless deer. Those who have a complimentary paraplegic hunting license do not need to apply for an any-deer permit. Your license grants you the right to an antlerless deer from any wildlife management district where any-deer permits are allocated. When registering the antlerless deer, use your MOSES ID number as your permit number. Those who do not have a complimentary paraplegic license but qualify under this section must submit a letter signed by a physician verifying the ambulatory disability.

To apply for a bonus deer permit, you must possess a valid Maine license to hunt big game.  You may enter one WMD choice in the “bonus deer permit WMD Choice” box. Selection of permit holders will be done by WMD. Permittees will be chosen through chance drawings and will be assigned to a WMD using their preferences as indicated on their application. If you do not want to apply for an any-deer permit, but would like to apply for a bonus deer permit should bonus deer permits be available, designate a WMD choice for a bonus deer permit.

To apply for a superpack deer permit (Maine residents only), you must possess a valid Maine resident superpack license. Enter your superpack WMD choices in order of preference. The same application is used to enter the any-deer permit lottery. Note: If you apply for and win a super pack permit you will not be entered in the landowner or regular permit lottery.

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