To the Editor:

It was Memorial Day, the day we are supposed to remember the fallen.  I was headed back to camp, maybe around 11 or noonish, and I stopped on the Lake Road to turn left onto the Harrison Road.  I believe the speed limit is 35 mph, and here they came, 15 or 20 of the most beautiful restored old cars – lime green with white tops and older men with their caps and gloves celebrating Memorial Day.

I could have turned left and cut off the first old car. But I stopped and let them all go. I admired them all – all the work, love and yes money that went into their restoration.

Well, the guy behind me in a little red car was not happy.  He hung his head out and as much of his body that would fit out the window and started screaming at me, “You like old cars.”  I made my left and then right onto the Sodom Road with him screaming at me all the way.  Is this really where we are?  I thought Maine was supposed to be life in the slow lane.  People come here with their 70 mph attitude that has now rubbed off on our ways of life.

No wonder I am becoming a hermit.

Bobbi Wilner

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