Well, I have finally seen the light. I want to thank President Trump for showing me the way and making me realize my faulty thinking.

Throughout my life, I have always considered myself to be an American and was proud to say so. How wrong I was.

As a veteran, I always had a job, paid my taxes, was a contributing member of society, went to college, obeyed most laws (even when I disagreed with some) and I made sure to vote whenever possible. My enlightenment has shown that those things are not enough to be a real American.

President Trump says that to be a true loyal American, people must not disagree with him or speak badly of any of his policies. He is all-knowing.

True Americans refuse to think or use facts upon which to base their opinions. Instead they rely on the avowed leader to guide them.

Real Americans don’t care about the nation’s allies and are quick to blame welfare recipients and immigrants for the nation’s problems.

Above all, real Americans must never strive to be a nation of one; rather, a divided nation seeping with insults and bigotry.

And, above all else, real Americans must never speak out against any wrongs.

Those aren’t the American values that so many veterans have served and died for, are they? Those values aren’t in the Constitution, I looked. The Constitution must be rewritten now, before time runs out.

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Joe Mailey, Auburn

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