Recently, President Donald Trump took a tongue-lashing from the media when he tweeted that four Democratic Congresswomen were saying things that were anti-American and that they should return to the country of their origin. The media again reacted when the president mentioned the name of one of the four at a rally at which he was speaking and the crowd chanted “send them back.”

Why were the media and the Democrats not as responsive when Madonna was quoted as saying “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House?”

Or when Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump?

Or Johnny Depp asking “How long has it been since an actor assassinated a President?”

Or when Robert DeNiro said “Somebody needs to take out Trump?”

Or when Maxine Waters said “You get up in their faces and tell them Republicans at the mall, in restaurants or gas stations they are not welcome?” Because of that statement, Sarah Sanders and her family were harassed at a restaurant and instructed to leave and followed down the street.

For more than two years, Trump haters have encouraged hate, harassment, vandalism, acts of violence and even threats of assassination.

Those who are not behind the president should step aside and let him do his job.

I thank the president for defending this wonderful country that those four anti-Americans are trying to trash.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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