AUBURN — The Boardman Trio, which includes Greg Boardman, his brother Kip and Greg’s son Aidan, will perform at Temple Shalom at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16.

Musician Greg Boardman

The music of The Boardman Trio includes many of their own compositions, both songs and instrumentals, accompanying themselves with fiddle, guitar, harmonium and piano. The overall style may be described as acoustic folk-rock, with touches of country, celtic and rhythm and blues.

The founder of Maine Fiddle Camp and a Traditional Arts Fellow, Greg Boardman is devoted to the life of traditional fiddle music and song of many of the the cultures found in Maine, and enlarges his musical voice with forays into songwriting, tune-smithing and improvisation. Boardman, strings teacher for the Lewiston public schools, is a frequent performer in the concert halls, festivals and dance pavilions of Maine and beyond, and has numerous albums, both CDs and vinyl, released over the past 30 years.

Raised in the northeast on a healthy diet of Jimmy Webb and Rolling Stones, Los Angeles musician Kip Boardman began messing with the piano when he was 5 or so, and much to everyone’s chagrin and disappointment, never really let it go. A longtime bass player with many Los Angeles stalwarts, Kip has lately turned to the lonely art of songwriting and the more complementary piano and guitar. Mostly preoccupied with dusty and obsolete forms of country, folk and pop, Kip has released two previous solo albums, 2003’s “Upon The Stars” on Ridiculous Records and 2005’s “Hello I Must Be…” on Mesmer Records.

There is a polarity in the music of Aidan Boardman. His lyrics, sometimes humorously cryptic and often focused inward, read like stream-of-consciousness musings from the busy mind of someone perpetually looking out the window of a moving Greyhound bus. The music, however, isn’t so insular. Within his arrangements, echoes of community run deep. Raised in Maine by a family of musicians and artists, and now living in Brooklyn, New York, there is a communal spirit that flows through Aidan’s delicate debut as Anguid. Unassuming guitars lead way to lush layers of violin, brass, percussion and harmony vocals provided by a selection of talented collaborators. 

Admission to the concert is $10 at the door. For more information, call 207-344-3106.

Aidan Boardman

Kip Boardman David Bazemore photo

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