I love it when people agree with me. As we get ready for the intense political campaigning of the 2020 election, I have noticed lots of people want a candidate who agrees with them on everything, all the time.

That is impossible.

So I am concerned about what people will do when they discover someone they supported has taken a stance on an issue different from theirs.

I believe I have some company when I say that I find that many of Donald Trump’s actions and utterances do not meet my standards of decency. I believe him to be a shady businessman who would have been more than willing to accept election help from Russia — a country which the U.S. has many reasons to distrust. The idea of impeaching a person with such a record, declaring to all that we citizens demand better of our highest elected official, was very appealing.

But it seems that Jared Golden, for whom I voted, opposes that action.

Because Golden impressed me by his thoughtful responses to differing points of view during his campaign, I read his explanation for his opposition to impeachment carefully (Sun Journal column, July 30). Impeachment has always been a divisive process and, with the GOP controlling the Senate, impeachment’s only certain outcome would be to increase divisiveness. I can understand how Golden would oppose that, even though a part of me still wants it done.

It is better to focus on the elections of 2020.

Silver Moore-Leamon, Auburn

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