I read with great interest Joan Villani’s letter to the editor posted July 30.

She asks where was the media and Democrats outcry when noted people — Madonna, Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp and Robert DeNiro made negative statements about Donald Trump?

This was in follow-up to: “Recently, President Donald Trump took a tongue-lashing from the media when he tweeted that four Democratic Congresswomen were saying things that were anti-American and that they should return to the country of their origin.”

I would offer, to Ms. Vallani, that the media and Democrats outcry was that statements made by the President should represent the moral attitude of America, not those of Donald Trump.

Ms. Villani wants “those who are not behind the president should step aside and let him do his job.”
I, for one, will not step aside while we have a president that relies on lies in an effort to divide my country along racial lines. It is my Constitutional obligation and right.

Norman Smith, Poland

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