CMP is wedged between two connected scandals — their horrible billing problems and the disastrous corridor project the company is trying to shove through Western Maine. A former CMP executive said the company’s billing problems were so bad due to their focus on building a for-profit corridor. CMP is less interested in fixing the billing system because it will not make them any extra money. The corridor would make CMP a billion dollars.

If this horribly mismanaged company were less focused on chasing the profit corridor, we would not have had so many people harmed by billing mistakes and awful customer service. Fewer people would have cried at their kitchen tables because they had just opened an egregiously high electricity bill for their small, efficient home.

Those who criticize CMP but support building the corridor are ignoring the direct link between these two issues. Moving ahead, CMP cannot be allowed to continue to conduct business as usual.

The PUC needs to connect the dots between CMP’s distracted efforts and exuberant spending to promote a for-profit transmission line, with the fact they continue to ignore customer service needs, can’t fix the billing system, and have not reimbursed ratepayers for the overbilling.

CMP shouldn’t benefit from a rate increase before making it right with customers. Maine citizens deserve to be treated fairly in business practices. The PUC must hold CMP accountable for these egregious errors, which have caused a dramatic burden on so many families and businesses across Maine.

Sandra Howard, Caratunk, Director, Say No to NECEC

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