2019 Phillips Old Home Days: Judge’s Choice- Harvest Scene (Honored Couple in rockers: Glennis & Conley Gould Sr.)


HONORED COUPLE: Glennis & Conley Gould Sr.


2019 KING/QUEEN: Clayton Murray/Copper Veilleux

RESULTS of 2019 PARADE: Most Beautiful– 1st Mardi Gras, 2nd May Day, Youth– 1st Easter, 2nd St. Pats, 3rd Phillips Baseball, Most Original– 1st Sandy River Business Assoc., 2nd Mail Truck, 3rd Sandy River Railroad, Big Rigs– GCA Logging, Inc. trucks, Judge’s Choice– Harvest Scene (Gould Family and Honored Couple), Old Cars– 1st Blue and White Chevy, 2nd Green and Black Coupe I will be contacting the winners where to pick up their ribbons and $! Congrats to the winners, and THANK YOU to all that entered, another great parade!

Bath tub races were a huge success. $435 was raised for the North Franklin Snowmobile Club. Thank you to all who came out and supported us. We had a great crowd and tough competitors.



1st: Forrest & Orrin MItchell (3rd consecutive year)

2nd: Josh Therrien & Colby Varney

3rd: Gregory & Brighton Silva


1st: Deedra York & Kayla Berkey

2nd: Meghan Murray & Grace Christie Dunlop

3rd: Alisa Blundon & Amanda Seekins


1st: Max Hav & Joe Jimmy Thorpe

2nd: Dane & Conrad Silva

3rd: Gabby & Kayla Smith


1st: Sammi Schroeder & Joe Stevens

2nd: Dalton Stufflebean & Dalton Jordon

3rd: Tyler Schroeder & Isabela Deichmann


Winners: Forrest & Orrin Mitchell (3rd consecutive year)

RESULTS of FROG JUMPING CONTEST: 1st– Katheryn Bubier (96 in.), 2nd Everly Kemp (78 in.), 3rd Jacob Guay (72 in.) CONGRATS to all!

RESULTS of PHOTO CONTEST: Black & White– 1st Diana McCall, 2nd Susan Shaw. People– 1st Joyce Berry, 2nd Jenna Osgood, 3rd Mac Smith. Scenery– 1st Jeanne White, 2nd Samantha Ryan Spencer, 3rd Carrie Abbott. Animals– 1st Char Fine, 2nd Susan Shaw, 3rd Cathy Walton. Judge’s Choice– Jeanne White

RESULTS of Flower Show: Winners of FIRST PLACE– Bonnie Kinney, Susan Shaw, Joyce Berry, Micha Frye. Winners of SECOND PLACE– Micha Frye and Diana McCall.

PARTICIPANT RIBBONS– Diana McCall and Pricille Tyler. JUDGE’S CHOICE– Kathy Trodden

A special Thank You to the folks that were the Judges for the BP Children’s Parade this year, you make my job easier.


Judge’s Choice #1 Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are my favorite holiday. Colby Ross.

Judge’s Choice #2 My Favorite Holiday Halloween

Frannie Hill

Cutest #3 Christmas at Disney

Acadia and Aspen Averill

Most Original to Theme Happy Grandparents Day.

Jackson,+Kallee Foss, Neviah Fall,Brooklyn, Denver, Charlie Smith, Peyton Ladd, Kaydence Bachelder and Finnely Toothaker.

Most Beautiful Halloween ! Kat and Maddie Bubier.

and FUNNIEST # 5 Atlas White and Everly Kemp.

Dennis McLaughlin Memorial Horseshoe League

Yesterday at 5:35 PM

Thank you to everyone who came out today!

3rd place: Eric Adams and John Osgood

2nd place: Jimmy Barker and Pete White

1st place: Dan Mclaughlin and Ron Searles

Lumberman’s Competition Results:

Overall Winner Pete White (21 points), 2nd place Dalton Gordon (19 points), 3rd place Tim Arms (18 points)

Results of the 5K Race:

Men: First place – Joshua Plog 18:03

Second place – Joseph McDermott 18:09

Third place – Ansel Malonee 18:46

Women: First place – Callee Douglas 22:12

Second place – Alora McCuddy 22:47

Third place – Emellia Ewell 25:57

Fastest Local Male: Joshua Plog

Fastest Local Female: Jasmine Carlton 38:19

And no trophies, but –

Oldest Runner – Naomi Henderson 40:35

35th Time in this Race – Daryl Searles 28:07

Results of the Children’s Races:

Younger than 4: Sarah Packard age 4 First place

Age 4 – 7: First place – Jaxon Bacon age 7

Second place – Elliot Plog age 7

Third place – Brooklyn Adams age 6

Age 8 –12: First place – Kaiden Longley age 11

Second place – Lila Ewell age 9

Third place – Zachary Partridge age 10

2019 Bill Robichard Memorial Vollyball Champions!…Way to go Team ” Mid Life Crisis “Noel Dolbier..

Mikelle Davenport, Doug Osgood, Sherra Osgood,,Kirby Ross, and Luke Romanoski. 2nd– “Comin’ in Hot”, 3rd “Avengers”

WINNERS of the HOT DOG EATING CONTEST: Kids– Tanya Darling, Adults– Josh Kelley. The winners each received a blue ribbon and a $10.00 Hannaford gift certificate!

RESULTS of BIKE RACE: Age 0–5: 1st Jase Paul, 2nd Brady Blake, 3rd Jameson Smith, Ages 6–8: 1st Thomas Thorne, 2nd Drew Newcomb, 3rd Quil Artea, Ages 9–10: 1st Nick Ciampa, 2nd Ben Ciampa, 3rd Paige Ricker Ages 11–14: 1st Clayton Murray, 2nd Mitchell Maceda, 3rd Wyatt Campbell, *Bike Drawing: Boys– Mitchell Maceda(gave bike to his cousin Kasen McGlynn), Girls– Esma Artea * This event is in memory of Derek Searles & Darlene Rowe.

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