To the Editor:

It is truly a sad statement of today’s society when people can not differentiate between right and wrong.  To further complicate matters social media follows these headlines and allows for opinions from those not involved.  I am amused, however, that some radio talk shows are following the story. The bottom line is no one should think it acceptable to drive onto another person’s property and dispose of anything, regardless of the contents.

The property where this incident took place serves as a self-storage facility; I am certain individuals storing their belongings would rather not encourage animals to seek food in and around where they keep their personal property. To add insult to injury, the property is well marked with signs from the Inland Wildlife and Fisheries that read “Access by Written Permission Only.”  These signs were purchased by the landowner.  The signs have been displayed for over a year now. They were put in place so people could continue to enjoy lake access for fishing, kayaking, letting their dog swim or just plain enjoying a quiet place for a picnic while watching a spectacular waterfront sunset.

I put the signs up because I am tired of picking up trash, having the property vandalized and property stolen – the signs would allow me some control to monitor activity and deny access to those not having common courtesy.  I have taken a variety of steps to help the cause including placing trash cans on the property. Needless to say, those “disappeared” along with my game cameras.
I really have to question my own thinking.  I pay almost $8,000 a year in property taxes, have had to install a wireless security system giving me a clear view of the entire property and have spent countless hours picking up other people’s trash – diapers, needles, feminine products, discarded food, beverage containers, tires and so on.

Why do I continue to allow access?  The answer is simple:  I believe that others should be able to enjoy what the property has to offer.  We are all stewards of the land and as you can see, I am working closely with local law enforcement and the Warden service.  If issues continue, the property will be closed to the public.

Jonathan Longley
South Paris
Property owner 61 Lake Road-Lakeside Storage, fka The Cornshop

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