LEWISTON — The University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn Senior College has opened registration for fall courses, open to anyone 55 and older. Classes begin Monday, Sept. 23. Each course costs $25.

A Historian in London, Berlin, Paris, and St. Petersburg: Researching in the Historical City, Living in the Contemporary One: Discussion of historical questions and personalities in the capitals over the last 300 years. Instructor: Christine Holden.

“Great Expectations”: Class will take a look at Charles Dickens’ classic. Instructor: Laura Sturgis.

Creating Abstractions from Nature: The mixed media studio art course will take inspiration from nature. Participants will look up close (through electron microscopes) and far away (satellite images) for inspiration. Instructor: Judy Hierstein.

A Naturalist Sampler: Participants will have an opportunity to focus on ferns, fungi, bird adaptations, invasives and backyard habitats. Instructor: Penny Jessop.

Baseball and the Pursuit of Happiness: The course will explore the unique hold which baseball has on the American psyche, tracing the evolution of the sport from an 18th century English bat and ball game, through its initial development in the U.S. as an amateur sport for the professional and artisan classes, to today’s professional game. Instructor: Paul Gauvreau.


Immigration, Ethnicity and Identity: The class will consider the elements and aspects of immigration, analyze the notion of ethnicity and, on an individual level, respond to personal perceptions of the feelings and emotions of how people form their new identities. Instructor: Mark Silber.

Tuesday Afternoons at the Movies with Dave & Pat: The course will focus on six films that have won the Oscar in two highly coveted categories, Best Picture and Best Musical Score: “The Bridge on the River Kwai”; “Around the World in 80 Days”; “Gigi”; “Chariots of Fire”; “The Sting”; and “Ben Hur.” Instructors: David Bernier and Dr. Patricia Vampatella.

Doctors and Patients, and Why We So Often Misunderstand One Another: The course will use the perspective of medical sociology to explore doctor-patient interactions, particularly the sources of misunderstanding between doctors and patients. Instructor: Jean Potuchek.

Practical Ethics: Participants will learn about the major ethical theories and apply them, through class discussion, to ethical dilemmas. Instructor: Bill Frayer.

Eat the World: Each week participants will prepare and eat healthful foods from six countries. Held in the kitchen at St. Mary’s Nutrition Center: a small fee for supplies will be required. Instructor: Paul Drowns.

Monhegan Island Through the Eyes of Its Artists: A Virtual Tour: The class will take a virtual hike around Monhegan Island, stopping at various sites to view how each was interpreted by Monhegan’s artists. Instructor: Peggy Volock.


Local and County Government: What are the responsibilities of local government officials? Each week a local official will explain his/her job. Facilitator: Cynthia Peters.

The Great American Religious Debate: The Big Issues: Each week the class will discuss topics such as immigration, poverty, sexuality, abortion, economics, war and peace. Instructor: the Rev. Stephen Carnahan.

Cannabis Culture, Wellness and Holistic Healing: The course will answer questions, break down the barriers and stigmas associated with cannabis and examine how cannabis has impacted culture, wellness, medicine and healing. Instructor: Joel S. Buckman​.

Happiness, Humor and Health: The class will explore the connections between happiness,
humor, laughter, health and life in general. Instructor: Dr. Elcha Buckman.

Religion and Violence: Cases will include the Crusades, European religious wars and Jihad. Main issue: the relationship of belief and behavior. Instructor: Steven Piker; course limit, 20.

An Introduction to the Origins of the Human Mind: The class will examine the forces that shaped the human brain, the mind it creates and how they both develop across the human lifespan. Instructor: Charlie Plummer.


Learn to Prepare Taxes: The free course will focus on the essentials of tax preparation. A computer training method will be used, but the process can be adapted to paper. Students’ interests will determine a portion of the course focus. Once the course is completed, students are welcome to join the instructor in volunteering at the Lewiston/Auburn CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Coalition, a 10-week free tax preparation site. Instructor: Rhoby Treadwell; course limit, 15.

The U.S. Supreme Court: The course will be a short introduction of the Supreme Court to provide an understanding of how it operates today. Instructor: Crystal Ward.

Avocado Toast and Other Health Claims: Tips to Evaluate Health Information: The class will look at how to judge the validity of health information for those not in the medical profession. Instructor: Martin Gagnon.

Meet Your Local Artists: Each week the class will be introduced to one or more area artists who will share their work, their struggles and their inspiration. Facilitator: Judy Hierstein; course limit, 30.

Genealogy Stories: The instructor will share stories based on her ancestors and others she has researched There will be a discussion of sources, resources, techniques and ideas on telling ancestral stories. Instructor: Ethelind Wright.

A Pine and a Poplar: A Study of Two Maine Forest Trees: The course will compare the key features and life cycles of evergreen and deciduous Maine forest trees by deep study of pines and poplars. No experience or books required. Instructor: Pam Green.

Genealogy Lab: An opportunity for people of all levels of genealogical experience to search for information about their ancestors online, guided by an experienced genealogist. Basic computer skills are encouraged. Instructor: Ethelind Wright.

For more information or to register, visit https://usm.maine.edu/seniorcollege or call the USM-LAC office at 207-753-6610.

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