After several election cycles in Lewiston, an opportunity presents itself for residents to elect a steady hand as their next mayor.

Mark Cayer is the stabilizing influence Lewiston needs.

He supports continued expansion of housing opportunities in Lewiston — subsidized and market rate.

He continues his strong advocacy of eliminating lead paint from the housing stock.

He supports opportunities in education for students and the workplace they will eventually fill.

He has demonstrated ability to work with councils, boards, administrators, superintendents and department heads.

He is open to ideas and resolutions with commitment to completion. He uses information and facts about issues before he supports a proposal. He is an evidence-based decision maker, ethical and moral.

The influence of a steady hand, a reasoned approach and a calm attitude is something Lewiston needs going forward.

In November, I hope others will join me in electing Mark Cayer as mayor.

Thomas Shannon, Lewiston

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