Much like two, four and six years ago, I am seeing almost daily letters of support for candidates running for local office. I am also seeing the same writers, over and over again. What were once letters to re-elect Larry Gilbert turned to electing Ben Chin and now, Mark Cayer.

Most of those writers I call “downtown elitists.”

Those folks fought hard to combine the great communities of Lewiston and Auburn during their “OneLA” campaign. The people shut them down with great margins.

Those folks spend more time on the last block of Lisbon Street than anywhere else in Lewiston. People living outside of “downtown” are becoming increasingly forgotten by those elitists.

Those folks are deeply connected to most of the non-profits that have set up shop in downtown Lewiston to avoid paying a fair share of taxes.

Voters shouldn’t fall for their failed policies this November.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston

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