Even though I am a staunch Democrat, I believe that Republican Derek Levasseur has every right to run against Sen. Susan Collins in the primary.

What right does former Gov. Paul LePage have to threaten and intimidate GOP members running for office? Or to threaten a 19-year-old staffer with destroying his political career? (Sun Journal story, Sept. 10)

What kind of message does that give to young people thinking of running for office?

LePage’s comment to Levasseur — either quit the race or “I’m coming after you” — is incomprehensible. I believe LePage is an absolute bully. Why isn’t someone taking him to court for threatening? Both Levasseur and the young staffer should see LePage in court. I think there are a number of people who would help them with a “GoFundMe” money event.

Those people who are going to claim that this is “fake news” should read the messages LePage sent to Levasseur.

LePage is a disgrace and a bully. As he, himself, has said many times, “I was Trump before Trump was Trump.” That is certainly nothing to subscribe to, since Trump is also a bully.

Nancy Pinkham, Leeds

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