DEAR SUN SPOTS: We’re moving across the country and cannot take my husband’s large grill/smoker with us. Is there a local organization that would be interested in us donating it for their events?  The smoker attachment can be removed. We do not have a truck so it would need to be picked up. Please contact us at 604-2192.

— Cathy, Lewiston

ANSWER: What a generous gift! Let us know what happens!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This past summer the Peru Fire Association hosted a sale at the old Peru Elementary School. To assist in moving items, Chief Bill Hussey had his moving dolly there. Although asked many times, it was not for sale. From information gathered, it appears that someone used the dolly and left it on the front lawn. The next morning, it was gone.

Not only does the chief use this dolly a lot, but it has sentimental value. If you are in possession of this item, or if you know who has it, please return it to the chief at the Peru Fire Department or take it to the Peru Town Office. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

— Kathy, Peru

DEAR SUN SPOTS: First of all, I’d like to acknowledge all the kindness given to Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends. I believe any kindness given should be shared with everyone. We also wish to acknowledge the wonderful work Sun Spots does in helping so many people. Your assistance is invaluable and Tommy’s team wants to express our heart-felt gratitude.

With autumn here, we are in need of healthy, long, blue spruce and fir boughs. These boughs are vital and necessary to keep the cats warm, safe, and protected from Maine’s harsh winter.

It’s been years since Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends have been able to get enough boughs for all the cat colonies. We’re hoping our request will reach generous people in Maine’s communities. We’re looking for blue spruce and fir boughs only.

We also need volunteers who are willing to donate their time to build houses with their own resources for the cats. The winter of 2019 was horrific with major flooding that left so many colonies in ruins. The outside elements took a significant and devastating toll on all our colonies. I need help from kind, generous people in our wonderful state. Please send all inquiries to [email protected]. Thank you!   Norm, Greene

ANSWER: I have a friend who has volunteered with a similar nonprofit and has also made a simple house for feral kitties in her back yard. She simply used a large plastic tub with an opening cut in it, a scrap of carpet and some fir boughs. Within a few days, a bedraggled, one-eyed kitty took up residence. My friend is a widow and providing this cat with shelter and putting food out for him has brought her so much happiness and given her a reason to get up in the morning. Norm is right when he writes about spreading kindness. Kitties everywhere thank you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the question in the Sept. 18 Sun Spots about wood stove repairs, Northern Lights in Farmington does that service.

— Vicki, no town

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