WEST PARIS — Color. We’re beginning to see the beautiful color of fall, but we are still enjoying summer warmth. It is possible to have the best of both seasons. That is what one can also expect from the worship services at the First Universalist Church of West Paris as well – the best of Unitarian Universalism. Services begin at 9:00 a.m. with refreshments afterward. All are welcome to attend.

October 6, Confronting Evil led by The Reverend Fayre Stephenson. Recognizing that one of Unitarian Universalism’s core principles I the inherent worth and dignity of all people, how can this idea be reconciled with the human capacity to perform evil acts? This service will be an exploration of the age-old philosophical challenge of good and evil.

October 13, Green Dot L/A bystander intervention program with guest speaker, Karen Lane, who is a mom from Lewiston, the administrator of the First Universalist Church of Auburn (where she also serves as a lay worship leader), an active member of Central Maine Showing Up for Racial Justice (CM SURJ) and a volunteer instructor for the Green Dot L/A bystander intervention program, which will be highlighted in her talk. Green Dot L/A helps reduce power-based personal violence in Lewiston/Auburn by encouraging community members to be there for each other and by fostering an expectation that violence will not be tolerated. Perhaps this could be a model for other communities.

October 20, A Good Laugh is Needed  led by guest speaker The Reverend Nancee Campbell. Sigmund Freud once said that “…people joke about whatever is most important to them in order to reduce the tension created by that importance.” I’ve always known UU’s to appreciate humor, and these political times certainly call for the warm bath of laughter. But are we really funny when we turn the humor lens on ourselves, or do our UU jokes belie a cynicism that taints our world view? Come see for yourself…

October 27, Last Supper led by guest speaker Cynthia Reedy. We’ll take a look at what the last supper may have been like. From the Gospels, we have information about what was said and done, but what was that last supper really like? Bring your imagination to church!

For more information about the church and services, please contact Marta Clements, 674-2143, [email protected]roadrunner.com, or Bob Clifford at 674-3442, [email protected]. To learn more about UUA, visit http://www.uua.org/.

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