Lewiston has come a long way in recent years. We now have one college and the campuses for three universities in our city, as well as a brand new elementary school. Progress is being made on the redevelopment of Mill 5, with three prospective tenants seriously considering that key location. New businesses are moving into Lewiston, and a number of existing businesses are expanding and/or renovating.

We need to keep this trend going, and, for that, we need proven leadership. That’s why I’m voting for Mark Cayer for mayor of Lewiston. Mark is a known commodity, having been elected to serve by his peers as president of the city council for two terms, and as current chair of the Lewiston School Committee. These municipal committees have recognized his leadership skills. We need to follow their informed decisions by choosing Mark Cayer to lead our city as well.

Elaine Makas, Lewiston

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