100 Years Ago: 1919

The first mall to be sent by airplane in Maine was carried to and from Portland and Augusta today by Harry M. Jones of Old Orchard, the distance to the capital, about 60 miles, was covered in 52 minutes and the return trip was made in 54 minutes.

50 Years Ago: 1969

A class in auto mechanics, called “Powder Puffs and Pistons” will begin Oct. 28, under the sponsorship of the Lewiston-Auburn Young Women’s Christian Association. The first three sessions will be held at the Kate J. Anthony House and the last three at the Park Motor Mart Garage In Auburn. Roy Coleman will be the instructor for this class, which will feature instruction in basic auto mechanic and minor auto repairs, is designed to help women take care of emergencies, Those interested may call the Pine Street residence of the YWCA to register.

25 Years Ago: 1994

When Edward Little High School teacher Brian Flynn asked his junior composition classes to suggest how to improve the wooded area behind the school, he never dreamed the suggestions would become a major community service project that would still be growing two years later. ELF Woods, as it is now known as part of a °Kids as Planners” the initiative, that has resulted in the clearing of land, establishment of trails and addition of benches and signs, with many other improvements planned. Students work daily on the various components of the project, among them a snake trail, obstacle course, and mountain bike trail. “It empowers them to build self-esteem.”  Some of them do It every day. Despite the casual, friendly atmosphere, the students seem to know what needs to be done and accomplish much in short periods. Indeed, so much has been accomplished in ELF Woods, with so much more being planned, that the project has received national recognition. Flynn and his students have been invited to speak several times to explain how It all came about. In April, a delegation traveled to San Diego to make a presentation at the National Organization of Student Substance programs and Partners. Flynn sees the student-directed project as much more than just a community enhancement exercise. “It empowers them to build self-esteem and gives them residency not to capitulate to things around them,” he said. That resiliency may have been put to the test in recent months. The woods have been plagued by incidents of vandalism that have undone some of the students’ work.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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