WILTON — On Monday evening, Nov. 4, Selectperson Tom Saviello asked that the board follow the steps of the Weld selectboard and invite Central Maine Power representatives to a meeting to talk about power outage concerns.

“I don’t know if anyone else got a phone call, but I got one today. There is one lady in Wilton that was still without power this morning,” Saviello said.

Widespread power outages occurred throughout the region when heavy winds took down trees and power lines Friday, Nov. 1. According to the CMP website, no customers in Franklin County were without power Monday evening.

“We were without power for about four hours,” he added. “Russell (Black) was without power until Sunday afternoon. Weld was without power for a long time.”

It was the second time in as many weeks extended outages affected the region, he said.

“Weld has asked CMP to come in to talk about why they were without power for such a long time,” he added. “I think we should put that on a future agenda. Maybe they can help us understand what the plan is for the future.”


Weld Chairperson Thomas Skofield said Tuesday by phone Weld had been without power for three days twice in the past few weeks.

During the previous outage, he said a wire had fallen on Route 156 near the Perkins township line. “There were crews in town, they were working on restoring power but the road was closed for a long time, as is protocol. We had to bus Farmington students through Dixfield. I was worried about what would happen if someone needed medical assistance. I called and asked if you can’t restore power, why can’t we get that line up?”

The phone call, he said, resulted in the upcoming meeting with CMP.

“We invited CMP representatives just so we could let them know our concerns and to try to understand what we can expect in the future,” Skofield said. “I am concerned because we have a lot of elderly people who live in town. If the power is out for such a long time when the weather is nice, what can we expect if we lose power in January when the weather is brutal?”

The Weld Selectboard meeting with CMP representatives will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Weld Town Office.

Saviello suggested representatives be invited to a Wilton meeting in December.

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