Possessed, he claims, of “a very, very large brain,” President Trump is “like, really smart” — a genius, in fact, gifted with “great and unmatched wisdom.”

He is “the greatest president God ever created,” he once announced. People came out and voted for him “like they’ve never seen before,” and his inauguration was “the biggest ever.” His were “the most successful first two years of any president.” He passed the biggest tax cut ever and, what’s more, jobs and the economy are “the best in history.”

History? Trump knows history like he knows world cuisine. For example, recall his referring to Revolutionary War airports during his “Salute to America” address at the Lincoln Memorial on a suitably rainy July 4.

The system? “I alone can fix it,” he crowed in 2016. Furthermore, he knows more about ISIS than his generals; more about trade and technology than anyone; more about courts and renewables “than any human being on Earth”; more about taxes than anyone, “maybe in the history of the world.” And he understands money better than, that’s right, anyone.

Trump is a marvel of hubris and mendacity who fancies he is “the chosen one” for making America great again. How telling that the wannabe patriot’s patriot botched his way through the National Anthem at a college football game in 2018, the words of which he could have easily taken 15 minutes of his copious “executive time” to memorize, had he cared to.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston


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