I write in response to the article “How much is a life worth?” (Sun Journal, Nov. 16).

Attorneys, actuaries and insurance companies do need to take notice about the increase in damages allowed, but so does the public. It’s not as expensive to increase liability limits as one might think and, no matter what happens, people need to continue with their lives.

As owner of an insurance agency, it is my feeling that no one could ever put an amount of money on a life, but how does a person protect himself if in a situation with the new law? The examples in the article were places of business, not personal. Business liability accounts are usually already at $1 million or higher. That has been the norm for years, depending on the type of business. Personal liability accounts include home, condo, renters and/or auto(s). How would a person be able to pay if sued?

Liability limits on homeowners, condo or renter’s insurance policies can be increased to $1 million. People can increase their auto liability and, with a home (condo, etc.) and auto policy, people could purchase an additional million dollar(s) or more, umbrella. That seems to be the least expensive way to protect a person and his assets.

Yes, it does cost money to do that; however, people might be surprised at how little — just ask an insurance agent. That is free.

Rates for insurance are impacted now. The good thing is, Maine still has one of the lowest insurance policy rates.

Ann Harris, Waterboro

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