Coaches: Angie Jalbert (third year) and Diana Kruszewski (second year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Girls — second in KVAC Class A, ninth at states; Boys — fifth in KVAC Class A, 18th at states.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Olivia Jalbert, Brihanna Swift, Emily Kramarz, Hanna Roy, Julia Berube, Ben Strong, Hunter Young, Brent Fortin, Viktor Tripp, Harrison Boulet; Juniors — Ella Boucher, Lindy Hyndman, Faith Small, Marley Powers, Johanna Corey, Brooke Farrell, Jacob Jackson, Devin Smith, Finn Thistle; Sophomores — Lucy DeRoche, Mckenzi Horton, Tabitha Kimball, Princess Monday, Will Sampson, Weston Hartley.

Key losses: Jillian Richardson, Ethan Tardif, Jordy Jimenez, Michael Gary.


Promising newcomers: Breya Whitman, Abigal Faicher, Gloria San Pedro, Lilly Jeffords, Paige Morgan, Andrea Peserico, Noah Morgan, Cameron Johnson, Gabe Despradel, Nathan Hyndman, Jaden Ouellette, Tulebari Monday, Owen Vincent, Ethan Dunbar.

What to expect: The Red Eddies girls team lost Jillian Richardson, so the distance team will need to fill a huge hole, but they bring back nearly everyone else from the KVAC second-place team a year ago. The boys team will look to 10 newcomers, as well as some strong returners, to try and compete for a KVAC title. 


Coach: Todd Mercer (13th year)

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Returning athletes: Seniors — Danny Stash, Lindsay Pierce, Allison MacDonald, Jacob MacCallum, Scott Lynch, Joe Koenig, Cece Keddy, Kaleb Frey, Jasmine French, Nicolas Cohen, Hunter Brown, Olivia Bourne, Josh Adell, Raymond Woodworth; Juniors — Liza Stergis, Nicole Cobb, Madison Soule, Caitlyn Smith, Chelsea Russell, Kassidy Plummer, Lydia Pinard, Ruby Pfeifle, Noah Patriquin, Autumn, Ouellette, Cordelia Lambert, Maya Hutchings, Abby Dulac, Mchale Bourne, Zoe Barnes, Tyler Amos; Sophomores — Max MacCallum, Camden Hargreaves, Will Fournier, Elijah Libby, Jack Deitch, Nico Curico, Kody Benson.


Key losses: Abby Chandler, Erica Schlicting, Madison Post.

Promising newcomers: Jarod Deschenes, Lorenza Piper, Jennah Lynch, Seth Whidden.

What to expect: Gray-New Gloucester coach Todd Mercer is excited about his throwing team heading into this winter. The Patriots lost Madison Post, a strong sprinter for the last few years, but the sprinting core Mercer has this season brings him confidence.


Coach: Jamie Juntura (second year) 

Class: B; Conference: KVAC


Last year’s results: Boys — Second in KVAC Class B

Returning athletes: Seniors — Ben Stone, Dasean Calder, Garrett Jabbusch, Camden Jordan, Rufino Driscoll, Trevor Gaudin, Maddie Lenfest, Aaliyah Trask; Juniors — Blaine Clark, Zack Morrison, Eryn Ryan; Sophomores — Jack Boutaugh, Trevor Poirier, Manny Driscoll, Blaine Shaw,  Jonathan Schomaker.

Key losses: Stephen Gray, Kaitlyn Annair.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Mark Herman, Logan Girard, Connor Brooks, Maddie Springer; Juniors — Tom Casey, Denver Taylor, Christian Keenan, Margo Kenyon; Sophomores — Reeve Twitchell, Zack Jordan, Brogan McCormick, Caitlyn Hunnefield; Freshmen — Hannah Milliken, Emma Couturier.

What to expect: Juntura is looking for his boys team to lean on the upperclassmen to help Leavitt to another successful season. The boys team also brings in a few newcomers that will help the team in the big meets. The girls team has a lot of talent even with low numbers, according to Juntura. 



Coach: Not filled; Assistant coach: Carolyn Court

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last Year’s Results: Boys — second in KVAC Class A, 13th at states; Girls — Fifth in KVAC Class A, 15th at states. 

Returning athletes: Seniors — Abdirahman Daud (Mid-distance), Katrina Bolduc (LJ, TJ, PV), Benedict Citenga (Sprints), Kenzie Langley (LJ, TJ, Sprints); Juniors — Bryce Dufour (Distance), Sydney Roy (Sprints); Sophomores — Jabreel Muhammad-Aceto, (Hurdles, Sprints), Abdirazak Abukar (Sprints), Joshua Brito (Sprints), Amelia Wedderburn (LJ, Sprints), Jorja Flynn (Sprints), Paige Collins (Mid-distance, HJ).

Key losses: Enock Citenga (Sprints), Kamandula Crispin (LJ, TJ), Maurice Beaulieu (Distance), Jeremiah Williams (HJ, Sprints), Noor Shidad (Sprints), Zaid Teklu (Distance), Laila Bunnitt (Sprints).

Promising newcomers: Senior — Jordan Carter (Sprints); Sophomores — Nigel Katende (Jumps, Sprints), Mohamud Hassan (Mid-distance), Ari Santana (Sprints), Efraim Kindu (Sprints, Jumps), Farid Muhammad-Aceto (Hurdles, Sprints), Julien Turmenne (Distance), Alda Lubota (Jumps); Freshmen — Linda Andriko (Sprints, LJ, TJ), Shukri Deqow (Hurdles, Sprints), Rylee Dufour (Distance), Kayla Harmon (Distance), Emma Solis (Sprints).


What to expect: The Lewiston boys indoor track team is deep in the sprinting and jumping events, carrying over from its success in the outdoor season this past spring. The boys team also expects a couple of newcomers, including Jordan Carter, to come in and help the throwing team. The girls team brings back state qualifiers in the throws, sprints and jumps and brings in new freshmen that should help the Blue Devils compete.


Coach: Rick Kramer (sixth year)     

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: Girls — fourth in WMC, Boys — fifth in WMC

Returning athletes: Seniors — Colin Callahan, Cole Cushman, Abby Champagne, Ben Pittman, Ben Olson, Matt Walker, Kayla Ogden, Nicole Kimball, Nevaeh Longchanps, Faith Davis, Rachel Thebarge, Mia Turkington, Autumn Willis; Juniors — Tim Brienza  Alexis Antonelli, Madison Goss, Tanasia Mongo, Miranda Maung, Alex Mitchell, Lucas Moulton, Kailyn O’Leary, Madison Wante, Halie Vachon, Nolan Winslow; Sophomore — Ellen Marquis-Boutin.


Key losses: Sam Benedict, Jacob Gagnon, Gavin Russo, Sophia Martin.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Davin Cloutier, Alexa Murphy; Juniors — Austin Griffey, Hans Oehme; Sophomore — Christian Vachon. 

What to expect: The Poland track program has grown by 27 athletes in two years, up to 70 this winter. Kramer is confident in the sprint, relay and jumping groups. He said the team’s goal is “Dare to be better,” and to practice and compete like a champion. 


Coach: Dan Campbell (first year)

Class: C; Conference: WMC

Returnering athletes: Juniors — Sarah Brown, Owen Mitchell, MacKenzie Lagerson, Liam Levasseur, Max Comis, Carlos Cabrera.

Promising newcomers: Matt Holman, Mares Campos, Noah Girardin, Isaac Bank, Anna Seguin, Abbie Mitchell, James Cognata, Loal Vance, Hunter Smith, Aidan Laviolette, Hunter Burkhardt, Darien Davis, Max Boulet, Adrian Blake, Daytona McIver, Tristan Lavoie, Justin Le, Luisa Geyer-Shaheen.

What to expect: St. Dom’s joining with Lisbon and Winthrop this season should make the Saints a formidable team in the WMC, with more depth and talent. Sarah Brown will be a force in the distance events, especially the 800-meter run. Liam Levasseur is a strong distance runner, as well, and should be near the top of his events come the conference meet.

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