While Congress continues to tilt at windmills, play petty partisan politics, posture for the next election, hold clownish hearings, pander to the media for air time and leak information, they are failing to do the job they were elected to do.

Politicians wrongly believe that their goals (power, reelection) are more important than the economic security and future of America.

Congress must stop the partisan bickering and work on important issues, including the soaring national debt, immigration reform, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a balanced federal budget (versus cowardly continuing resolutions and/or temporary spending bills), the Social Security/Medicare deficit, U.S. Postal Service’s multi-billion losses, wasteful foreign aid to countries most people have never heard of nor important to our national security, pulling our troops out of harm’s way, prescription drug prices, et al.

We continue to elect/reelect politicians who are simply party lemmings directed by their party leadership.

I wonder what would happen if we decided not to waste money sending representatives to Washington? Perhaps we would not notice any change.

Term limits anyone?

James Thompson, Lisbon

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