I recently heard someone refer to themselves as a “repulsed Republican” — repulsed by the actions and demeanor of President Trump but holding on to the core ideals, socially and economically, of the Republican Party.

I hope there are more Republicans who feel the same. Unfortunately, they are in a double-bind. To vote for those ideals in the next presidential election, they must choose a leader who already has demonstrated a pattern of blatant lies, misrepresentation, abhorrent behavior and poor judgment. On top of that, he has not held to the Republican ideals of free trade (e.g. tariffs) and has endorsed a huge deficit.

Perhaps the key is to elect good senators and representatives to Congress who will uphold those ideals, including taking back the constitutional powers of Congress which have been abdicated to the executive branch during the past several presidents.

Is it possible Republican voters hope the Republican Party will uphold its ideals in spite of their narcissistic leader?

I am glad I don’t have to wrestle with that moral decision. I will vote against Trump and pray Congress can become more bi-partisan and restore a balance between the executive and legislative branches.

Robert Limoges, Poland

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