I write in response to Rep. Jared Golden’s comments in a Sun Journal story (Dec. 11).

Rep. Golden implies needing to have all the information before acting on CMP’s application.

Residents of Maine have, for the past year, analyzed all the real information and corporate hype needed to say “no” to something so unwarranted and destructive to wildlife habitat and human health and demand our rights to vote on the issue.

Rep. Golden was elected by his constituents to support their feelings in what best serves their interests, not what enriches conglomerate coffers, especially those owned by foreign firms (Iberdrola in Spain). I suggest that Golden take a closer at what we, the people of Maine, see.

Loss of trust in CMP when their spokespeople are reluctant to admit massive over-billing customers through erroneous readings of unproven smart meters; insisting no other viable route existed for the line then finding a bypass at Beatty Pond; producing a simulated view with short poles bearing one crossarm that diminishes visual effects; initially saying no herbicides would be used to eradicate annual vegetative growth along the swath, then, if such is used, it would be in limited areas; and the original tout of 3,500 jobs for Mainers changing to 1,600.

Herbicides contain elements designed to kill. Preventing residue of such to be swept down a wind tunnel swath of woods to fall upon plants, wildlife and humans living adjacent to that path is sufficient of itself to say “no way, Jose” to Iberdrola and its affiliates.

John Davis, South Paris

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