Kelli Hanson of Jay finds strength in her faith in God to help her with life’s challenges. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal Buy this Photo

JAY —  Kelli Hanson’s faith in God has helped her through each challenge presented in her 40 years of life.

After she lost her husband, Dennis, 37, from injuries in a car accident five years ago, she knew God put her on this path for a reason.

“He knew I was strong enough to handle this pain because I believe in him and Dennis believed in him. I know I will see Dennis again one day,” she said.

Hanson has also had to have a “ton of faith” to help her brother through a difficult time.

“My mom prayed for seven years for my brother to get on the right path,” she said.

“He nearly kissed death between his health and his addiction. With my faith I knew that God would bring him back to us. It was a lot of work,” she said as she sat at her dining room table wiping tears from her eyes.


Hanson was raised in Jay and grew up in a Christian family. She has attended Jay Baptist Church all her life.

“I read my devotional and my Bible every day,” she said.

Her daily devotional gives her an inspiring and encouraging story every day and gives a Bible verse to go along with each one. It helps her stay positive throughout the day and look at every challenge positively, she said.

“My faith has helped me to be a single mom because I don’t have the significant other to lean on,” she said.

She is raising daughters Rachel, 16, and Faith, 11, and stays close with her stepdaughter, Jaiden, 16, who visits often. She is also helping to raise her niece, Farrah, 7.

“The reason why Faith has her name is because Dennis and I had to have faith to help us through the early birth of our daughter,” Hanson said. “She was six weeks early with a breathing complication and therefore was placed in the (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for six weeks. Dennis and I prayed every morning, noon and night that God would lay his healing hand upon her so that we would be able to enjoy her for years to come. He answered our prayers and he is still answering mine. I know that, because God has provided me with my beautiful girls, all four of them, a loving healthy family, along with a warm loving home.”


Hanson said she has relied on God to strengthen her faith.

“Being a widow and having the faith that I am stronger, I have a positive outlook on my life,” she said. “I love unconditionally and it has helped me know that if I do good, I will get good in return. You reap what you sow.”

She’s confident of the future.

“It is well with my soul,” she said. “God has made everything well in my soul. I survive one step at a time, holding God’s hand, leaning on him so I know my future will be fine. I have to be positive for my children.”

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