WILTON —Tuesday Night Mixed Winter League Jan. 7, 2020

Men’s High Game scratch: Chuck Hilaman 212; Stephen Adams 196; Mike Crandall 180;

Mens High Series scratch: Chuck Hilaman 590; Stephen Adams 559; Mike Crandall 501

Mens High Game handicap: Donnie Cubby 262; Martin Hamner 240; Chuck Hilaman 240; Ryan Cushman 228

Mens High Series handicap: Chuck Hilaman 674 Ryan Cushman 652; Stephen Adams 652; Donnie Cubby 647

Women High Game scratch: Peggy Needham 221; Cathy Walton 162; Cleo Barker 156;

Women’s High Series scratch: Peggy Needham 628, Cathy Walton 444; Judy Cubby 359

Women’s High Game handicap: Peggy Needham 250; Mary Drinkwater 235; Cleo Barker 231

Women’s High Series handicap: Peggy Needham 715; Mary Drinkwater 628; Cathy Walton 621.

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