RAAPA is bringing back their popular Murder Mystery Dinner Theater for its 6th season on Friday, June 12, and Saturday, June 13, at the Eagles Hall in Rumford. This year’s production is a spoof on the famous Agatha Christie play, “And Then There Were None” (a.k.a., “Ten Little Indians”). It is the story of a rich eccentric who invites 10 people to spend the night in his mansion located on an isolated island. One by one the guests are murdered – but who is the killer and how did he/she get on the island? Could it be one of the guests? This spoof, called “And Then There Was One,” adds a hilarious twist to this most beloved murder mystery. It is sure to keep the audience guessing (and laughing) throughout the show.

The Rumford Association for the Advancement of the Performing Arts is holding auditions for roles in the production at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at the Mt. Valley Middle School Auditorium located at 58 Highland Terrace, Mexico. All enthusiastic actors in the area are encouraged to try-out for one of 10 acting roles (five female, five male) and one unseen speaking-only part. These Murder Mystery productions have become a new annual tradition of the RAAPA group and are very fun to produce. If you’ve ever wanted to test your skill at acting, this would be a good place to start. The size of each role ranges from characters with only 5 lines to one with over 100 lines. Rehearsals will take place every Tuesday evening starting on Feb. 18, from 6-7 p.m. for actors, and 7-8 p.m. for chorus.

Available Roles (sex/# of lines): Mimms – The Maid (female/69 lines); Clayhorn – The Butler (male/109 lines); Albert Prince – The Doctor (male/22 lines); Emily Plain – The Plain Women (female/37 lines); Horatio Miles – The Inspector (male/68 lines); Delores Biggs – The Actress (female/64 lines); Presley York – The Singer (male/17 lines); Heather Scarlett – The Ingénue (female/64 lines); Matthew Charisma – The Handsome Man (male/71 lines); Margaret LaRue – The First Victim (female/11 lines); and Voice Recording – The Unseen Host (male or female/5 lines).

Scripts are available for perusal at the Rumford Public Library located at 56 Rumford Ave., Rumford. Persons who cannot attend the audition may contact the director, Connie Venskus, by calling (207) 357-530, to make alternate arrangements for a reading.

As in past productions, the RAAPA Chorus will be performing a variety of songs in an entertaining Entre Act under the direction of Shirli Allen Heald with Gail Dorr returning as accompanist. If you are interested in joining the Chorus please contact Mary Pulsifer at (207) 562-7050 to reserve a music folder.


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