There is a double miscarriage of justice in the making. The first has to do with the president himself. He has, on many occasions, put his nose in where it didn’t belong, period. There are three branches of government but, according to President Trump, his is the only one.

To ignore Trump’s ongoing transgressions is a miscarriage of his office.

Next is the ridiculousness of not providing witnesses in a trial. I notice that the very witnesses who should have been heard are most probably people who would be damning to the president, so that wasn’t going that happen.

It has been said that it would be devastating to put him out of office. Really? He has been, in my view, the most intolerable president this country has ever had. His dictatorial attitude isn’t consistent with what is American. His defense is him saying that it didn’t happen, or was never said. How can we possibly believe him, given that his talk is usually all lies?

If I sound angry, I am. That said, I really know I am not alone in that. We all have something to be angry about. If the trial ends in the manner it seems headed as this letter is written, this country will regret it for years to come.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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