The New England Clean Energy Connect project has cleared the Maine Land Use Planning Commission and needs approval from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and other environmental regulators that would protect the environment and the residents of Maine.

If the power line is not approved and built, the state of Maine and five other New England states could face the loss of a common electrical grid called ISO New England, and would continue receiving millions of tons of carbon emission annually.

Tom Saviello, trained in forestry, should be aware of the destruction of Maine’s forests. People traveling north of Rangeley, Wilson Mills, Stratton and The Forks have seen the large clearcuts for miles. A lot of the roads get blocked off after logging projects are completed to hide the massive clearcuts.

The Central Maine Power project would cause minimal damage to the forests, wetlands, rivers and streams, and would be done under strict inspection of state personnel.

Gov. Janet Mills has backed the hydropower line project and is helping to combat climate change.

The state of Maine will have to find a new source of power in the future as the need continues during peak usage. What will Maine people agree on for power generation? Wind power, hydro dams, solar farms and off-shore wind farms will be harmful to tourist businesses. Those projects now come under the same excuses that are used against the clean energy CMP power line from Canada.

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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