FARMINGTON — The Gold LEAF Institute and Mantor Library at the University of Maine Farmington have been selected by the Maine Humanities Council to offer “Let’s Talk About It”, a free reading and discussion group with copies of books available on loan. This program is provided by the Maine Humanities Council in cooperation with the Maine State Library.

The American Revolutionary Generation, Voices of the American Revolution series begins February 26 at the Farmington Municipal Building and continues for five monthly sessions, through June 24.

Books to be read and discussed in this series include: The American Revolution: A History by Gordon S. Wood; Benjamin Franklin by Edmund S. Morgan; The Minutemen and their World by Robert Gross; Women of the Republic by Linda Kerber; and Setting the World Ablaze: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and the American Revolution by John Ferling. These books focus on the men and women who lived during the American Revolution, providing multiple perspectives on the revolution’s impact.

“Exploring ideas and issues through literature has a unique and fun way of creating community,” said Nicole Rancourt, director of “Let’s Talk About It”. “We find that there is great interest among adults in getting together to discuss what they’ve read with others. Having a discussion leader like Doug Rawlings, who is both excited about the readings and skilled in facilitating, can help to deepen this experience.”

Books for the program are available for loan at the Gold LEAF Institute. Please call 778-7063 to register and come in to pick up the first book of the series.

This program is offered to Maine libraries through the Maine Humanities Council in partnership with the Maine State Library.

For more information about “Let’s Talk About It” and the work of the Maine Humanities Council, see or call the office in Portland at 207-773-5051.

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