The Sun Journal recently reported that Republicans will launch another attempt to repeal Maine’s ranked choice voting law with the slogan: “One person, one vote.”

That’s a catchy phrase that sounds just but, in actuality, voting decisions are not binary. The purpose of voting is to achieve government and laws that represent the will of the people, not the will of this or that special interest group or party.

When multiple candidates or viewpoints are at stake, minority interests are more likely to win a plurality and give us laws or politicians who are divisive and who represent special interests. A voting policy that requires a majority (like bills in Congress) can be achieved via a runoff process that is costly, inefficient and less likely to be representative due to reduced turnouts.

Ranked choice voting solves those problems. Those who oppose it feel they are likely to lose under a system that provides governance that is more representative than their special interests.

Voters must not let special interests take away our Democracy. I hope others will join me in supporting and expanding ranked choice voting.

William Phillips, Auburn

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