BETHEL — This week’s TMS report features what’s happening in the 6th grade core classes.

ELA with Miss Davis: In 6th Grade ELA, students have been working on their active reading skills. Using post its, jotting notes, and responding to their reading is a focus for their independent novels. Along with this, students have been completing their book reviews for the TMS Great Escape reading challenge. Students have also been given time in class to continue working on their Science Fair introductions to their scientific paper. Ms. Crockett has also been working on this in Science, too. After vacation we will begin a round of book groups focusing on the author study on Chris Grabenstein.

Math with Mrs. Davis: We are so excited to announce that we have a new addition to our math class. In January, we welcomed Ashley Savage, a student from UMF, who is spending her last trimester student teaching with our lucky 6th graders. The students and I benefit from her enthusiasm and knowledge. Miss Savage is already involved in helping to design lessons, building assessments and rubrics, giving feedback to the students, and learning how to manage the daily demands of middle school. The students reap the rewards of having two teachers and we are certain that Miss Savage will be a strong, dedicated teacher someday.

Science with Miss Crockett: Science Fair Update! At school, students have developed testable questions, designed their experiments, and gone to the library to do research on their topic. They are now starting to write their scientific papers! At home, students are conducting their experiments. All data MUST be collected by February 23. 

After vacation, we will analyze data, finish their papers, and build their show boards in school. The key points from their scientific papers, as well as pictures, videos, and any materials from their experiments, will be displayed visually on their show boards.  Show boards will be available through the office for $4.00.

Social Studies with Ms. Killam: In 6th grade social studies we are “wrapping up” ancient Egypt.  We have been learning about the mummification process, different gods and goddesses, an array of pharaohs, among other topics.  Next, is ancient Greece!

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