As state representative for House District 75, I have a steadfast commitment to my constituents, advocating for the best government policies at both the state and federal levels. And as a member of the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee, I have a particular interest in how health care policies impact our communities. That is why I am applauding Congress’ decision to repeal the Health Insurance Tax permanently. The HIT would have caused increased health care costs across the state for families and businesses, doing much more harm than good.

In addition to working as a legislator, my first job is working as a real estate agent. I know the concerns that business owners and families were feeling over the HIT. An additional tax increase meant potential job loss or, worse, higher costs for their employees. Unfortunately, investing in their employees and their businesses would have to be put on the back burner to keep up with the HIT. Now that the pressure has been lifted, businesses can focus on long-term economic growth in our communities.

Legislators, business owners and families in Maine are all grateful that U.S. Sen. Susan Collins lead the bipartisan effort in successfully repealing the HIT. In these partisan times, it is refreshing that our senator was able to work across the aisle to get this repeal in place.

Josh Morris, Turner

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