I write in response to Thomas Stretton’s letter (Feb. 25) that was in response to my guest column (Feb. 23).

Stretton is correct in one thing — living 2,000 miles away, I cannot possibly know all of the tangible things U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has done for Maine, any more than I can know what Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators have done for their states. But, with all due respect, that misses the point I made in my column. At some point, I argued, voters must make ethical principles, as well as the health and welfare of the nation, a priority in their voting decision.

The undeniable truth is that Sen. Collins and her Republican colleagues in the Senate have enabled, empowered and emboldened one of the most dangerous presidents in the history of the United States. Following their vote to acquit Donald Trump, many of those senators acknowledged his actions were wrong but that he had learned his lesson.

The reality is: President Trump learned he can get away with anything, including undermining the nation’s judicial system and rule of law.

Put simply, that is why I encouraged, not lectured, Maine voters to defeat Collins — no matter what things she has done for the state.

Rick Cherwitz, Austin, Texas

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