100 Years Ago: 1920

The Lewiston and Auburn chapter of the Red Cross like every other chapter of the organization, has been re-orginizing gradually for some time, to get the changes which must be made if it is to be as useful in peace as in war. Already the local chapter has taken over the general social welfare work, as well as the infant welfare, and the dental clinic, but the executive board does not intend to stop even here. Miss Helen Osgood, field representative of the New England division was in town Thursday and Friday making a survey of the work already accomplished and the needs for future development.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Mrs. Fred Huntress of Auburn will be the guest speaker for the Auburn-Lewiston Kiwaniannes noontime luncheon meeting Wednesday at Steckino’s Restaurant. Mrs. Huntress interest and knowledge, of birds, flowers, and other facets of nature as well have resulted in an exciting and interesting show of slides and entitled and called “Enjoying Nature Through the Lenses.”

25 Years Ago: 1995

The city of Auburn’s Comprehensive Planning Committee may reconsider industrial zoning regulations in the Danville area when it meets Tuesday night. The panel, with the task of updating the city’s master plan, may take another look at expanding industrial zones in sections of South Auburn after opting not to open up land in that area to industry at its last meeting two weeks ago. Since then, according to planning officials, several have taken issue with the committee’s decision, saying members overlooked several areas in the area surrounding Exit 12 of the turnpike. One of the committee co-chairmen, Royce Coburn, said he regretted the committee’s decision not to expand industrial zones, largely because members were responding to a small, but vocal group of area residents attending the meeting.

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