To the Editor:

Mitch (McConnell) …

You and your followers whose vote rang out guilty and not guilty, guilty and not guilty 100 times, yes, Mitch you and your party won that not guilty vote fifty-three times to our Democratic Party forty-seven. Mitch if you had been willing to share with a Democratic Party, had been willing just one concession as had always been the case, our Democratic Party would have had a clear path to the one thing we truly want our democracy and constitution will forever be a factor in the very greatness of this country. Now I ask the editors of The Franklin Journal to grant me a few extra editorials if we need them.

I now want to go back one hundred and fifty years ago to my great grandfather’s life. His name was Dr. Proctor M.D, Carrol Everet Proctor. He was certainly horse and buggy person. His work was much of a home service nature. However there was another very curious problem in Dr. Proctor’s time. All houses were equipped with the lead plumbing they had at this time. Dr. Carroll Proctor drank water from some of the piping. He discovered he was very ill and dying from lead poisoning. His remains are now located in the very large cemetery. My grandmother Thursa Proctor placed his doctor books in storage for many years. She finally gave me, Ardene Proctor, those doctor books and I sometimes read from them. Here is probably where I got the very information about conscience as it’s listed as the very last mental problem.

Now I ask you Trump people to consult the dictionary and take your Trump if needed to a facility.

And now Mr. Trump we are very pleased to have been able to infiltrate your behavior and we hope you will continue with better behavior. And now folks we want you to know for many years Dr. Proctor’s office was used by Vernon Hutchinson for short wave radio repairs. Now that same building is on the Weld Historical grounds with Dr. Proctor’s books safely inside. Now Mitch McConnell you did not show good leadership when you led your fifty-three followers to extended ego to a point that was not quite the truth. You agreed to carefully look over what the truth is what the democrats needed to the democratic constitution. You also took another vote with none other than the Supreme Court Justice in attendance.

And now Mitch I want you to go to the Democratic Party to get this motion on a more friendly footing. That is so badly needed and you will become a much better adjusted person in your community. I will be pleased to be in the party of honesty.

Angus King and Nancy Pelosi, I want you to know that what I am trying to do is scaring the hell out of me. If I can do what I think I can do, you must try, after reading my letter. You will get a consensus and a clear picture of what I am trying to do. In that case of Mitch McConnell, you will now get together with your 47 senators as a news item in every state. We will now have a much clearer picture of that democracy and constitution that we now so badly need.

Ardene Proctor


(Ardene Proctor is 91 years young and is married to Daphne (86 years young) for 71 years. They have four sons)

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