To the Editor:

Dear Angus King and Nancy Pelosi – We are sending you a few pages of what Daphne and I have been up to. If you watch very carefully, you will discover that Trump is a very changed person From At state of the union message. That he delivered so terribly that night. I will make a couple of predictions, he will never again fire two good men for disagreeing with him., it will be very unlikely that he will campaign from Air Force One comma. He is now a complete Pussycat. He will continue being the greatest liar of all time any. Crave celebrity status. 

Now Nancy, I want you to. Do something, I suspect Angus has. Failed to tell you something., Angus had a great tribute from the town of Bethel, built a snowman in his honor. That snowman was about 30 or 35 feet tall, and Nancy that is just about the statue we have of our Angus. That snowman was called Angus King of the mountain. And had skidder tires for buttons and truck tires for his mouth. Now Nancy we want you to get Angus to fill in anything we forgot and share this with some of his fellow senators. 

And once more, Trump’s family, I demand that you get your 8 to 10 year mentally old family member to hell out of sight. Now I am giving Angus King and his 47 senators and Nancy Pelosi and hundreds of house members what my Daphne and I have been trying to do for survival. Yes they will have all of our papers to use anyway they see fit. 

Ardene Proctor 


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