LISBON — In consultation with Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, town officials will close access to the public boat launch at Route 196 and Frost Hill, above Worumbo Dam.

Eagle Creek Renewable Energy usually installs a floating boat barrier near the dam by May 31. This is typically when the high flows from the runoff have subsided, and they can safely send a crew in a boat onto the river to install it. They cannot put personnel on the river with a flow over 5,000 cubic feet per second. Currently the flow is 10,000-plus cubic feet per second. Spring runoff flows can exceed 40,000 cfs.

“Due to growing concerns about the public utilizing the boat launch already this season, without this barrier in place, during high river flows and spring runoff, the town will block public use of the boat launch at this time,” according to a statement released by town officials. “We understand that ice is out of the river a month early, and the governor issued an order to allow open water fishing at this time. Unfortunately conditions at this time of year create too much danger for public use above the dam.”

The statement said the public launch will be barricaded and not reopened until it is safe for the public to use that area of the river.

“We will notify the public as soon as this access point is safe and can be reopened,” according to the statement. “Our goal is always to ensure the safety of the public in the most responsible ways possible.”

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