NORWAY — With schools closed indefinitely, what does a School Resource Officer (SRO) do when they can’t go to school? Why they read to students, of course.

Guy E. Rowe SRO Christina Sugars has begun a twice-weekly read aloud campaign on the school’s Facebook page. One day she reads a book for kindergarten through third graders, the other a “chapter” book for fourth through sixth graders.

“When this all first started,” she explains, “the school counselor and I were talking about how we can stay connected. I think it’s very important to continue to build relationships with the students even though we aren’t physically there.”

She says she and the counselor thought about doing a special Facebook page but then decided to stick with the school’s page since everyone already knew that page.

“I had already begun reading to classes in school and wanted to continue since they liked it,” she adds. “I think it is great as there are a whole bunch of teachers that are either reading or posting something positive on the page.”

“After school was cancelled,” she continues, “I had kids showing up at the police department to say ‘hi’ but with all the restrictions that has stopped. I just want to make sure they know I am still there for them.”

Sugars adds that while on patrol she occasionally will see Rowe students outside playing and will stop and chat while maintaining an appropriate distance. “It’s nice to see them and their smiles!”

Sugars says teachers, Rowe administrators and the Norway Chief of Police all thinks it’s a great idea for her to read on Facebook.

To date, she says, she has used books from the school as her children are much older and she no longer owns children’s books.

“Tune in” to the Guy E. Rowe Facebook page (videos)

Guy E. Rowe School Resource Officer Christina Sugars reads a picture book to children K-3 on the school’s Facebook page as a way to stay connected to student while schools are closed.

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