COVID-19 has meant big change for everyone. Not just in Maine, but across the world people are making adjustments to protect public health. As with any big transition in life, those changes can be scary, but here in Maine, we’re making the best of this difficult situation.

We’re resourceful people. The soap on the shelves is running low, so we’re making our own. We’re getting creative with our meals and using what we have in our pantry to limit trips to the store. And we’re using everyday items and quiet corners of our homes to get in some exercise.

We’ve got grit. Just look at our farmers, fishermen and small business owners. Instead of letting this virus run them out of business, they’re creating new ways to distribute their goods and services. I have to say how truly proud of the way our community has stepped up to support our small businesses here in Lewiston.

We care deeply about our neighbors. Maine people are rushing to sites like Maine Helps to find out where and how they can volunteer. Doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement to help our hospital and clinics address patient needs. It’s awe-inspiring to see.

So as we look at all that’s changed, and as we grapple with how to approach this new normal, let’s remember one important thing: We Mainers have a spirit that will get us through anything, and that will never change.

Rep. Jim Handy, Lewiston

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