I want to support President Donald Trump as he works to reopen our country for business. But I think he should lead by example.

While our president tweets support for Red State protestors who want to “liberate” their states, I wonder why he isn’t out there among them?

If he is so confident that it is safe, why isn’t he holding rallies, wading into crowds and swapping handshakes with his supporters?

He says fighting the coronavirus is like fighting a war. If so, he should visit the front lines to bolster the spirits of our ambulance crews, doctors and nurses. I saw Chinese President Xi Jinping do this during the height of his nation’s crisis, although he wore one of those masks scaredy cats wear.

I would like my president to show us it’s safe.

You can do it, Mr. President. Get out and lead by example! We will be right behind you!

Rex Rhoades, Auburn

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